by thefourpartland

There is no fight left anymore. No desire to carry on, no will, no strength. Instead, there is but sadness filling the place where there was once courage and love.

A heart beat here, but it has stilled, worn down by hours and days and years of pain. Perhaps there is a flutter of life within this breast, but if so, it is the last grasp of a dying creature.

This heart has fought many battles, lost many wars. Now it is content to lie still, to surrender the field. There is no fight left anymore.


  1. John Pender on 08.26.2011

    Pretty moving words there. Great job.

  2. Jennifer on 08.26.2011

    Could be the most genuinely moving words I’ve read of yours.
    Well done.

  3. ganymeder on 08.26.2011

    Very poetic.

  4. Apple Ardent Scott on 08.26.2011

    Heart-wrenching, heart-stopping, and yet hopeful… respite comes at last.

  5. justin on 08.27.2011

    I like the poetry and symmetry of this piece and the way it comes full circle.

  6. Steve Green on 08.27.2011

    Poetry of resignation, of acceptance, of defeat. sad, and powerful words.

  7. Eric J. Krause on 08.27.2011

    An excellent story! Not many words, but those that are there speak volumes. A moving piece.

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