by thefourpartland

So, you may have noticed I had a sale on last weekend. Well, Jim Bronyaur was kind enough to interview me, and talk to me about sales, selling ideas, and ebook pricing. Wander over to see what I thought, then come back for the #FridayFlash.

The hum lived, and silence fled.

It was persistent, this hum. It vibrated from the foundation of the building to the peak, creeping and crawling through cracks and crevices.
It slipped inside of us, and we hummed with the structure.
No voice could overcome it, no noise slip past its embrace.
Swelling, it became the centre.

The hum grew, and became more.
The building collapsed, vibrations having shattered its core.
Bones broke, and we perished.
Growing, it became all.

Yet something was not right, for the hum changed pitch.
And again.
It became a wild thing, a creature of scales and chords and reverberations.
Like all before it, the hum must pass on too.

The hum died, and silence reigned.


  1. Steve green on 08.05.2011

    The vibrations of life and death? Nice capture. All things come to an end.

  2. Sonia Lal on 08.05.2011

    Everything dies in the end! Good story.

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