by thefourpartland

There exists among all things a strange connection, one that cannot be defined. Philosophers will argue its existence, physicists will try to test for its presence, but none cannot prove it, or even truly explain it. Yet ask a little boy, and he knows, for he can see beyond the world that clouds his eyes.

He will see and hear things that no adult will, for the ability to make this connection seems inherently tied to human imagination, and that is all but gone by the age of twelve, driven out by the mental rubbish of “what’s cool”.

And on this day, a little boy sees a friend, imaginary to others, real to him, and that friend speaks to him. The boy runs home, and asks his mum if he can go stay with his friend. His mother says yes.

Days pass, and the boy does not return. Police hunt for him, his mother begs everyone that she knows to tell her if they have seen him, but no one has.

Later, as a couple walk beneath a tree, they look up and see a strange shape amidst the branches. They call, but the shape does not move, and so the husband climbs the tree, and brings down the stiff body of a small child.

Police are called, and soon the mother comes rushing. She cries and gathers the corpse to her. Despite all the jostling and tears, a giant grin is on the small boy’s face, and when later an examination is performed, no harm of any kind can be found.

The boy had gone and gone beyond to seek his friend.


  1. Seleste deLaney on 02.07.2011

    🙁 That was really sad. Almost makes me want to squash my kids’ imaginations just to protect them.

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