by thefourpartland

So, after the wonderful success of this week’s Writer’s Carnival, we’re looking to continue by starting on next week’s. We’re always looking for debut entrants, and I know there’s people who’ve expressed interest but weren’t able to contribute this week. We’re looking forward to having you.

First up, the host: The blog carnival rotates around, with different writers hosting each week. If you want to host, sign up here. This list is first come, first serve, and each writer will host the Writer’s Carnival in turn. I will delete double entries, so please don’t.

General rules:
1 entry per writer
Flash Fiction in length
Have fun!

And now, on to next week!

Theme: Fallen Angels. Please note that while the entries do not have to follow the theme, we appreciate it if the stories do.

Collector: Enter your stories for Wed 26th.


  1. Phil van Wulven on 05.25.2010

    Thanks for fixing the link, getting the traffic to go to the Angel page, instead of my home page.
    There is still a bit of a glitch – on the linky page there are two #4 stories listed, mine and another. If this matters.

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