by thefourpartland

I danced and spun among the midnight wave
A thoughtful soul amid my nave
I saw and heard the dancing night
swirling it around me in my delight

It cloaked and covered and comforted my soul
and whispered that it was time to go
And so I danced and sang on down the shore
searching and hunting for my door

It opened wide and opened bright
and took me safe out from the night
and here I wake within my bed
the dream of joy lost instead



by thefourpartland

Let fly thy sacred arrow
Pierce me through the heart
but if you curse me such
I beg you now, curse another
that we may live forever vexed



by thefourpartland

I live within many things
but shrink from all but one
I live within one lone land
My mind encompasses the sun
I am a tale of many parts
I play but one of them
I see within an endless void
A thing that I become

I float along an endless wave
A knowledge that succumbs
To love and woe and pain and fright
All protection from the night
For hidden in my dreams I go
A home where few can follow
For hidden within my mind I see
A refuge from eternity



by thefourpartland

He looked and spied with a reptilian eye
A frightening glance that passed me by
I shivered and hid lest he spot me again
For at that age I was tender, and all but ten

I curled and I waited and looked all about
Hiding within my stony redoubt
A small curly head, popping to see
What the world held in store, for one just like me
One small little creature, shaking and cold
Lost in a world, where life favours the bold

I was again, all on my own
I had wandered far afield
And strayed from my home
My feet, this path did it yield
And yet led me astray
For what was my foe today

But a great shiny dragon, eyes glittering and tall
Soulless deep dishes, into which I could fall
It was in his eye, a great glowing glass plate
That I beheld death, and cried at my fate

Down from on high, he swooped at my den
I was nothing to him, just a fat hen
I prayed and wished to be taken away
A land of hope and joy, a land far beyond

For then I awoke, asleep at the lake
My toes dipping in, a morsel to taste
For a large fish of grey, hungry and vast
Laid waste to the claim that I was all lost

Lifting a bucket, I returned to my task
A barrel of water, a single great cask
It was to be filled, water pure and clear
But I had lain, asleep on my ear
Duties all gone, in a dream of good cheer



by thefourpartland

There was a silent house on a windswept isle
Hidden and tucked in a stone defile
Twisted and shaken with the coming of the winds
It rattled and shook, lost among the fens

It was a lonely spot, all hidden in the moss
and a stone’s throw away, a simple toss
there lay a little marker, painted and proud
and on top lay a simple little shroud

It fluttered and gusted and swayed in the breeze
a tiny little emblem, facing out into the seas
of a delicate and fragile life held here
one that is gone now, passed on within the year



by thefourpartland

So, this is the first time I’ve ever posted poetry on this site. Be interested to see what the response is.”

Stitched across the heavens ran
A marker and a sign
It was writ large, in holy hand
And it spoke a great design

A mountain here, a fire there
All part of one great plan
The plains go north, the seas go south
Everything placed about

One little thing, fit not so well
And tucked away, in a dell
It was not noticed for years and years
Until one day, flush with tears

A little girl, perhaps of twelve
Looked in that dell, sought to delve
Past the brush and bracken deep
And found a toy, a thing to keep

She brought it home and showed it round
And by and by, it was found
To be a strange and unusual thing
For upon each dawn, it would bring

A single strand of darkened hair
Right up to her, sitting there
Soon that pile grew and grew
Until the house it spread all through

Years went by and still it climbed
Striving high, the house all bound
Within a giant ball of twine
A tumbleweed, across a land divine.