by thefourpartland

Originally, this website was set up to help promote Tarranau and Chloddio, my upcoming novels in The Four Part Land. Since then, it has become much more than that, a forum for the Writer’s Carnival, and for the flash fiction that I write weekly. The Four Part Land itself has become a bit lost in the shuffle, especially since I stopped the short lived podcast series.

I am happy to say that will soon be at an end. The cover art for Tarranau is nearly finished, the story is going through a final copy edit and layout, and it will be sent off for proofs within the month. An ebook edition is also in the works, and will appear the same day as the print copy, both of which should be available well before Christmas. At current rates of progress, I expect an early November release for both formats of Tarranau. For those who want a closer look at the story, the first chapter is online, as is a PDF of the story.

Chloddio, the companion story to Tarranau, is about to begin a second round of edits, and should be available in stores approximately six months after Tarranau. It will detail the rise of a young stonemage, from his role in a mining tragedy to a military officer, as he deals with the conflicts that sweep through his homeland, inciting turmoil and ripping the country apart in civil war.

In addition, the website will undergo a revamping, with a store and a gallery coming soon, as well as a reviews page for when the book goes live. Those interested in reviewing the book, please contact me through the Contact page.

Once again, a hearty thanks to all who have made The Four Part Land such a success to this point.