by thefourpartland

Yes, that’s right, the people who publish my books have gone and updated their website, and damn if it doesn’t look swell. And they’re letting people vote on their next three anthologies.

To celebrate, and to welcome people to their new website, Deepwood Publishing has made Bloodaxe, my Viking-based fantasy short, free for this week only. It takes place in a northern fantasy kingdom, and the main character is the deposed former ruler of that land. He’s a villain with a wicked sense of humour, and a mum who’s even more skilled than he is, so Bloodaxe lets her rule while he goes a-conquering.

Reader Quotes:

It’s not often that we get to revel in the villain. Bloodaxe is a delightfully misogynistic cad, whose observations about life and people are surprisingly direct and spot on.

I love reading fantasy but I’ve never encountered anything like this. It’s a quick read, under an hour, but is so full of win!

Bweeheeheehee! This is the best book summary I’ve read in a while. Mr. Tallett, please take my dollar. đŸ˜€

And with that I shall leave you with the blurb itself, and a link to download Bloodaxe for free!.

Bloodaxe thought he was in for a nice relax. He was, after all, dead.

And then some jumped up prick of a god told him he had to rescue a kingdom. His own kingdom, in fact. So Bloodaxe grabbed his, well, axe, and leapt back into the fray.

First, though, he had to be born. And learn not to crap his pants. Then he could get to the killing. Lots and lots of killing.

This is his story.


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