by thefourpartland

My soul sat forth, ‘pon my hand
and lectured ’bout my goal
It spoke of things far away
things dreamed in far off lands

“Go!”, it said, face all full of fury
“Go and find another one,
for I am done with thee”
And off it went, slipping from my palm

I looked around, but saw no soul
wandering then, I went
I searched high and low yet found no hint

I begged and cried and sought to steal
but never came within my grasp
Till one fine day, I settled down
my face within the grass
Life had passed me by
and I expired there at last


  1. ganymeder on 01.06.2012

    All your poems lately seem so sad. Are you okay?

  2. The Four Part Land on 01.06.2012

    Oh I’m fine. This story is from a year or two ago. I didn’t have any new material I wanted to use so I dug through my poetry collection to see what would fit.

  3. ganymeder on 01.06.2012

    Oh good! 🙂

    I did think the poem was lovely too.

  4. Quirina on 01.06.2012

    Love this poem!

  5. The Four Part Land on 01.06.2012

    Thanks 🙂

    Very glad you liked it.

  6. Sonia Lal on 01.06.2012

    Cute poem! But, yeah. Even depressing. He ought to have chained his soul to himself!

  7. The Four Part Land on 01.06.2012

    I think the reason so many of my stories end up depressing is that it’s easier to end a story on a down note than happy. Or at least it is for me.

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