by thefourpartland

I write nothing, and no one reads my stories.

I make no sound, and no one hears me speak.

I draw no art, and no one sees me paint.

I am alone.


  1. ganymeder on 11.18.2011

    Pretty bleak, but of course, not true. 🙂

  2. The Four Part Land on 11.19.2011

    No, not really. This little piece was just the product of a crappy moment a week or two ago. Same one that produced Angel Screams. It seems that being depressed is rather inspiring.

  3. justin n davies on 11.18.2011

    Bleak? Sounds like you need a length of rope and a handy branch. This works as a very introspective poem; one for the dark, cold days of winter gloom. I rather like the double negative structure you have used; it made me read twice and think about it.

  4. The Four Part Land on 11.19.2011

    Bleak seems to suit my writing style, given that I’d guess half the stories on the website are fairly down hearted. As for the poetic structure, it crops up occasionally in what is intended as a flash piece. ‘City of Sadness’ is another where repetitive formulas are used.

  5. Steve Green on 11.18.2011

    I hope this isn’t reflecting your state of mind.

    It puts me in mind of

    “I can’t see my reflection in the water.
    I can’t speak the sound to show no pain.
    I can’t hear the echo of my footsteps.
    Or remember the sound of my own name.”

    Courtesy of Bob Dylan. Tomorrow is a long time.

  6. The Four Part Land on 11.19.2011

    Well, not in specific, no. But in general at the time of writing? Unfortunately, fairly accurate. Mostly a mess with a few bits and pieces in life that are since sorted. So, things are much better.

    And those lyrics do seem very appropriate. And sad.

  7. marc nash on 11.19.2011

    I hear your pain brother. Both fictional and real life

  8. The Four Part Land on 11.19.2011

    It comes and goes. Thankfully, mostly going at the moment. Makes things better that way.

  9. Adam Byatt on 11.19.2011

    Bleak as it may be, coming from a dark place, yet I can see the forward momentum it potentially provides; a metaphorical kick in the pants to get writing, painting, speaking.
    One word, one stroke, one breath at a time
    Adam @ revhappiness

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