by thefourpartland

Yet both at once…
Perhaps I dream?
Or are they yet me.


  1. Michael tate on 04.08.2011

    Interesting. It was the “flashiest” fiction i read today, but it worked and that’d what counts.

  2. Adamjkeeper on 04.08.2011

    deeply enigmatic. the first two lines made me chuckle and then it got pretty intense.

  3. Adam B on 04.08.2011

    Very clever, sir and well played.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  4. Lara Dunning on 04.12.2011

    Short, but says so much. Like the questioning nature of this and the yin and yang concept.

  5. The Four Part Land on 04.14.2011

    @Michael 30 seconds of inspiration one day. Normally I’d call this a “poem”, but I don’t really know where it fits.

    @AdamJ I don’t really know the meaning behind it, but I can guess. I have a habit of looking on the dark side. Suits me better as an author, for whatever reason.

    @AdamB Thanks, really did enjoy writing this one.

    @Lara Wasn’t really thinking of Yin and Yang when I wrote this, didn’t actually have anything in mind, as is often the case with my flash. I write what comes to mind, and then poke the finished story to see if there’s something there.

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