by thefourpartland

The lines danced as they sung, an ever evolving wave of green. They read the music by its scent, heard it through its shape, and saw it through the vibrations in the earth. Impulses shattered their conscious, rebuilding it a moment later, yet they never missed a beat.

The earth sung with them, the stones a bass accompaniment, the trees whispering vocals in faint colours. Rocks cracked and sheered away, and the thumps as they struck gave a form to the sounds.

The lines twisted, writhing about the aromas of sound, reformed each instant in new phantasms. Yet static was seen, for in each shattering of their conscious, they lost a tiny part of the music.

The dance became frantic, the gestures wild, and the green shifted hues until it was a malignant orange note. Rocks crashed with greater frequencies, and the bass became a roaring perfume, suffusing life.

Vibrations shattered, a sun in the sound. A tincture of death spread with the noiseless light, and each who was caressed by its hand fell away, until a flat white plain was left. Barren of all sensation, it waited until impulse existed again.


  1. Icy Sedgwick on 04.01.2011

    Incredibly visual piece, almost poetic in feel.

  2. Deanna Schrayer on 04.01.2011

    Bravo James! The lyric of this is simply beautiful, even as the point is poignant. Great work!

  3. Mari Juniper on 04.01.2011

    Very lyrical. Loved this piece.

  4. Juliet Boyd on 04.01.2011

    Love the feel of it. Beautiful.

  5. L.M. Stull on 04.01.2011

    In so few words, you have saturated us with a lush, vivid world. Love. It.

  6. Louise Broadbent on 04.01.2011


  7. Lara Dunning on 04.02.2011

    The connection to the senses and the earth really stand out. I am right there watching this all come alive.

  8. The Four Part Land on 04.05.2011

    @Icy Thanks, I was trying to swap around words used to describe one sense for another. Glad you liked it.

    @Deanna I’m not actually sure if I had a point when I wrote this, just that I wanted to try the style. I’m happy something came through all the same.

    @Mari Thanks 🙂

    @Juliet Glad you enjoyed the piece.

    @Lisa At one point, I was thinking the world was inside an electronic device, but I don’t think that’s the case any more. It just is.

    @Louise Thanks muchly!

    @Lara I do rather wonder what I had in mind with this, aside from the style. Most of the time I just write and see where my fingers take me.

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