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So, a kindly soul called Rebecca took it upon herself to offer me the chance for an interview on my process of writing. The header to her post is below, and wander on over to her website and give the rest a read.

An Interview with James Tallett

Greetings, folks!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday. Today, I managed to wrangle a writer with some very interesting views on the relationships between reading and writing — and in some cases, the lack thereof. Please, sit down and grab a scone and a cup of tea. Relax and allow me to introduce you to James Tallett, creator of The Four Part Land.

Like many of my contacts, I met James on twitter. You can follow him via @thefourpartland.

Before we begin, I wanted to go a little more into the subject matter of this interview: Reading and writing. James has a very interesting view on the relationship of reading and writing. In addition, his motivations for having started genre writing is unique in comparison with many of the other writers I have had the privilege of talking to.



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