by thefourpartland

Thiasa waved his hand at the thousand campfires that sparkled in the night. “Perhaps none have seen their end more clearly.”

Theoso, his brother, grunted as he stirred the last of the meat into the stew. “We will be the last of our tribe to walk through the gates into Valhalla. Behind us, they will close the gates, and our people will be forgotten on this earth.”

Thiasa grinned. “They have taken our women, our children, our homes and our friends, but I do not think they will take our memories.”

“You have a plan for that, do you?”

“We are the last two. We will challenge their army to combat while it rouses itself tomorrow morning.”

“You have courage little brother. Tomorrow will be a good day.”

“Sleep well, big brother. Tomorrow we make the world remember our tribe.”

The sun rose crimson over the two brothers as they strode to meet their final hour. For what they did that day, their names and the name of their tribe lives on forever more in song and in spirit.


  1. John Wiswell on 03.04.2011

    Fifth paragraph, I’m not sure what you meant by “change their army to combat.” Maybe challenge? Or do they have some kind of world-changing powers I don’t know about? It could be, I haven’t been to these parts in a while. Still enjoy their fighting spirit rather than mere resignation in the face of annihilation.

  2. Aidan Fritz on 03.06.2011

    Amusing meta & textual layerings here. They battle to be remembered and through this vignette we remember them.

  3. L.M. Stull on 03.06.2011

    I really liked this, BUT I feel like there is soooo much more of a story to be told here. Maybe this could be the beginning of a longer short? maybe, maybe? 😉

  4. The Four Part Land on 03.25.2011

    @John It was supposed to be challenge. This is what I get for posting unedited material. It’s an attitude that I think works very well in fantasy stories. It’s in LotR in multiple places, for one example.

    @Aidan I wasn’t actually thinking of it like that, but entirely true. That’s rather amusing.

    @Lisa You’re always trying to get me to write more. But I do that a lot 😛

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