by thefourpartland

This has been a rather busy year for me, both with regards to writing and with life in general. However, I’m here to focus just on the writing, and so here’s a rundown of the top 10 posts for the year.

Wheels of Desperation – A continuation of a short story set in the Splintered Lands, as two inventors flee from their oppressors, this post was the clear winner of the year, despite being a late arrival.

Breaking an Empire #8 – The first of multiple entries from my ongoing serial Breaking an Empire. The story details the Empire of the Sun as it fights to maintain control of a fracturing populace, as seen through the eyes of seven soldiers on the front lines.

Prelude to Desperation – An excerpt from the third novel in The Four Part Land, this details an outnumbered army’s preparations for a fight against a larger, stronger foe.

Breaking an Empire #9 – The next entry in Breaking an Empire was almost as popular as #8.

Generations – The story of a interstellar colonization ship. But it speaks most strongly about those who stayed behind.

The Married Orc – When Orcs and Elves marry, their society collapses.

Forever Free – A statue has stood in this park for many years, broken, hunted by children as an imaginary monster. Yet something lurks within.

Breaking an Empire #7 – Another installment from the most popular story I’ve ever written on this blog.

Breaking an Empire #11 – And yet another. 4 of the top 10 are installments from Breaking an Empire. A 5th holds the #11 spot.

The Taking of Baeran – The longest story here, it is another excerpt from Laeccan Waters. Here, the heroes and their allies launch a surprise naval invasion against their foe, kicking off the war that rips the continent apart.

So there you have it, the top 10 posts of the year. 1 from the Splintered Lands, 3 flash pieces, and the remaining 6 stories of The Four Part Land. Take a minute to look back, because tomorrow or the first, I’ll be looking forward with another post.


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