by thefourpartland

He looked and spied with a reptilian eye
A frightening glance that passed me by
I shivered and hid lest he spot me again
For at that age I was tender, and all but ten

I curled and I waited and looked all about
Hiding within my stony redoubt
A small curly head, popping to see
What the world held in store, for one just like me
One small little creature, shaking and cold
Lost in a world, where life favours the bold

I was again, all on my own
I had wandered far afield
And strayed from my home
My feet, this path did it yield
And yet led me astray
For what was my foe today

But a great shiny dragon, eyes glittering and tall
Soulless deep dishes, into which I could fall
It was in his eye, a great glowing glass plate
That I beheld death, and cried at my fate

Down from on high, he swooped at my den
I was nothing to him, just a fat hen
I prayed and wished to be taken away
A land of hope and joy, a land far beyond

For then I awoke, asleep at the lake
My toes dipping in, a morsel to taste
For a large fish of grey, hungry and vast
Laid waste to the claim that I was all lost

Lifting a bucket, I returned to my task
A barrel of water, a single great cask
It was to be filled, water pure and clear
But I had lain, asleep on my ear
Duties all gone, in a dream of good cheer


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