by thefourpartland

So, this is the first time I’ve ever posted poetry on this site. Be interested to see what the response is.”

Stitched across the heavens ran
A marker and a sign
It was writ large, in holy hand
And it spoke a great design

A mountain here, a fire there
All part of one great plan
The plains go north, the seas go south
Everything placed about

One little thing, fit not so well
And tucked away, in a dell
It was not noticed for years and years
Until one day, flush with tears

A little girl, perhaps of twelve
Looked in that dell, sought to delve
Past the brush and bracken deep
And found a toy, a thing to keep

She brought it home and showed it round
And by and by, it was found
To be a strange and unusual thing
For upon each dawn, it would bring

A single strand of darkened hair
Right up to her, sitting there
Soon that pile grew and grew
Until the house it spread all through

Years went by and still it climbed
Striving high, the house all bound
Within a giant ball of twine
A tumbleweed, across a land divine.


  1. Graylin Fox on 11.27.2010

    It’s wonderful! And not normal, who’da thunk?

  2. Sam Adamson on 11.28.2010

    That’s a very classy poem you have there. I’m impressed!

  3. The Four Part Land on 11.29.2010

    Thanks to the both of you. I wrote it some while ago, I don’t quite know when, but I think about 2 years. I’ve subsequently stopped writing poetry, the last one being about a year ago. It usually has to do with being depressed for me, so not writing it is a good thing in some ways.

    @Graylin My writing is never ‘normal’ :p

    @Sam I suppose I shall have to post more.

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