by thefourpartland

So, for those who are fans of The Four Part Land, there’s some good news on the horizon: I’ve already begun work on the second book in the setting, tentatively titled Unfolding a New Continent. As the name might suggest, it goes into a little more of the background of The Four Part Land, taking a long look at the battles between Bhreac Veryan and Niam Liad that shaped the continent into what it is today. There is also a long novella that introduces another main character and storyline. His name crops up from time to time in the Tarranau story, although only near the end.

As the above paragraph might suggest, it will be a collection of short stories, with the long novella appended to the end, although details beyond that are sketchy, at this point. I’m still focused on getting Tarranau out the door as quickly as possible, but beyond a certain point it is out of my hands.


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