by thefourpartland

I write nothing, and no one reads my stories.

I make no sound, and no one hears me speak.

I draw no art, and no one sees me paint.

I am alone.



by thefourpartland

An angel screams. I am told she cries for me, that she takes my pain upon herself. She hopes to save me, it is said. She cares.

It is a sweet gesture, unexpected, kind. But I am long past saving now. I made my pact long ago, and have spent the years since searing my soul, burning it away thoroughly. I do not care.

This angel loved me. Watched me in my crib, caressed my cheek when no mortal hovered over me. All through my childhood, she guarded.

Perhaps too well. Perhaps too poorly. Either way, I turned from her light. Mayhaps my soul broke when I did, but I think it was broken before, and needed only confirmation in fire.

I killed. Men, women, children, animals. They were life. Life ends. After each death, I tapped the gun against my temple, wondering if I had earned my release.

All that, and still she cries. I would comfort her, tell her not to cry, but she cannot hear through her pain. My pain.

She lifts her eyes and looks into mine. I look back, sad. I pity her, that she pledged her life in service of another, only to be rejected. But the life was mine to live, and I did.



by thefourpartland

I woke up to a wonderful gift this Friday morning – A long review of Tarranau by Alex Laybourne. Here’s how it opens…

Epic Fantasy is not normally a genre I read, but ever since I have started becoming serious about my writing, I have promised myself to expand my knowledge base in as many areas as I can, and the first thing I wanted to do was to expand my reading interests.

Tarranau was the perfect book to get me started, because to summarize for all of those who do not have the time to read this but would still like to hear a few words… It was AWESOME.

As you can imagine, I was super pleased. It’s such a lovely present to see on a Friday morning.

Read on for the full review!